UIA stops the sale of tickets until August 1

Despite the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to resume international regular passenger air service from June 15, 2020, the UIA will not start selling tickets on most routes until August 1.

That was reported by Eugene Dykhne, President of the company during a briefing, which took place on June 13 at the Boryspil International Airport:

We look very positively at the easing of restrictions for aviation by the Ukrainian government. But it is not enough just to remove the regulatory mechanisms regarding airlines and airports to carry out a tourist flight for passengers. We need the immigration regime of those countries, with which we rely on passenger traffic, to be eased specifically for Ukrainians. And so far, there is not single documentary proof that this has been done,” he said.

According to the airline timetable, three domestic destinations remain available, which UIA opened since June 12:

Kyiv-Odesa: June 12, 19, and 26. Odesa-Kyiv: June 14, 21, and 29.

Kyiv-Lviv: June 26. Lviv-Kyiv: June 29.

Kyiv-Kherson: June 19 and 26. Kherson-Kyiv: June 21 and 29.

And also 1 international – Kyiv-London, available from 5 July.

According to Dykhna, when opening the flights, the company will primarily focus on passengers who travel for touristic purposes:

“Today, all airlines in the world have ticket sales for future periods that go beyond quarantine. For example, we stopped our sales until July 1, although there were restrictions, and we understood that nothing would happen in aviation until July 1. We will now probably close all sales, most likely by August 1, to continue to schedule only those flights that we really can operate. We will choose these flights based on the travel opportunities for tourist passengers,” said UIA president.