Polish startup Aether Biomedical raises over $820k

As reported by the MamStartup media, Poznań-based company Aether Biomedical has attracted over $820,000 from three investors – German early-stage venture fund Sunfish Partners, Indian fund Chiratae Ventures and American fund Joyance Partners.

Aether Biomedical is a medical robotics company founded by Dr Faith Jiwakhan and Dhruv Agrawal. It is focused on developing rehabilitation devices based on biomedical signal processing. 

Currently, Aether Biomedical is launching its first product “Zeus” – multi-action bionic limb. According to the company’s estimate, there are over 10 million people who need upper limb prostheses, so «Zeus» could be a solution for them.

Among technological advantages are mentioned 12 selectable and 2 user configurable grip modes with greatest grip force on the market (152 N) and 10 silicone skin cover options. Besides, the prosthesis of the Aether Biomedical is 30-50% cheaper than the products of the rivals.

In the nearest time, the founders are planning to enter the Polish and Indian markets as well as to develop further solutions based on biosignal processing, which will also support the rehabilitation of patients with limb injuries.