Holo4Labs completes a crowdfunding campaign and raises over $300k

Polish technology startup Holo4Labs that offers Mixed Reality solution for the laboratory industry has collected over $300,000 within 10 days of its crowdfunding campaign on the Smartfunds platform. With the $2,8 million post-money valuation 170 investors will hold 12% of the company’s stocks, reports MamStartup.

Holo4Labs software allows laboratory scientists to work with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) as a part of augmented reality based on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset. It provides information on the next steps in research procedures, reports on potential threats and missed actions. The product also enables to remotely interact with other employees over hundreds of kilometres, transmitting what a person wearing glasses sees. 

By digitizing laboratories work the Holo4Labs solution saves scientists’ time by putting all the necessary data in front of their eyes and keeping hands free for the current operations with research devices. It also increases workers’ safety. 

“The global epidemiological situation has undoubtedly accelerated the trend of increasing interest in the subject of laboratory efficiency. Companies that conduct research activities are now paying high attention to the key aspect of laboratory safety. In our opinion, this tendency will become a permanent trend,” the CEO of Holo4Labs Przemysław Budnicki claims.

The company are planning to invest attracted capital into scaling the product on foreign markets and implementing new functions and applications that will increase its commercial potential. Out of 800,000 laboratories around the world, Holo4Labs is aimed to deliver its solution to 10,000 units, Budnicki tells.