Kazakhstan startup Kid Security attracts $100k

Kazakhstan geo-tracking services developer Kid Security has raised a seed round $100,000 from private investor Talgat Izmail, who commonly invests into national projects, reports Kapital. 

Kid Security is a mobile application that ensures child safety by allowing parents to know where their children are and how they spend their time. To make children be interested in service use, developers created a motivation and reward system – kids will get real presents for their academic achievements, for doing household chores, for succeeding in self-development or educational games the application offers. 

The startup was launched at the beginning of 2019 by Talgat Aiapov and Asat Ashamanov, who previously worked together under the GPS children’s watches project. Since their participation in the Astana Hub acceleration programme Kid Security has begun to grow rapidly. 

“Today we have more than 170 thousand downloads of the application, 20% of which are from Kazakhstan, 74% – from Russia and 6% – from the CIS and European countries. Totally, 26,000 active users have been registered since the launch of our Kid Security service,” Ashamanov tells.

Developers assure the money they have received will be invested in the further development of the technological part of their product and its scaling to the US, UK and Israel markets.