Polish Vinci Rithms machine learning project raises $250k

Vinci Rithms is a project of the software house Da Vinci Studio with agencies in Poland and Great Britain. The company founded by Wojciech Bachta and Michał Polak works in the areas of machine learning, web and mobile applications, as well as in the field of e-commerce and e-learning, the MamStartup media writes.  

Vinci Rithms-1
Founders of Da Vinci Studio: Wojciech Bachta and Michał Polak

Within the framework of the Vinci Rithms project developers have designed software for the Polish transport industry companies. The system with the help of machine learning algorithms analyses and responses to the different types of e-mails inquiries automatically. This is a solution to the problem of numerous requests directed to companies.

The idea of Vinci Rithms was supported by Czysta3.vc, a Poland-based investment firm providing machine learning and artificial intelligence projects with venture capital funds.

Both companies agreed on cooperation in developing the Vinci Rithms out of the transport industry. Partners are sure that the implementation of the software to the operational routine of the companies that daily get dozens of e-mails inquiries will improve their efficiency.