Polish service WEARFITS raises over $250k

According to MamStartup media, Polish service WEARFITS received over $250,000 from the BLDG Venture fund in June.

The Kraków-based startup was founded by Katarzyna Burda, Łukasz Rzepecki and Krzysztof Hrycak. Firstly, their goal was to create a solution that would support and revolutionize sales in the fashion industry by using 3D and AR technologies. Secondly, WEARFITS enables clothing and shoes manufacturers and sellers to solve the problem of size mismatch by consumers with digital shopping experiences through 3D visualizations and virtual try-on.

In upcoming months, the startup is planning to focus on gaining customers from Poland and abroad, as well as further developing AR functionality by automating the process of footwear digitization.

BLDG Venture is an early-stage venture capital fund that is specialized on the investments to the projects connected with industry 4.0 and hardware industry.