Spotify is now available in Ukraine

Spotify, a digital music service, is available in Ukraine since July 15, as reported by the press service of the company. The service is available for free or by Premium subscription, allowing listening to music with no ad interruptions.

Besides Ukraine, Spotify launched in 12 new markets across Europe, including Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia.


Ukrainian users can switch to Premium, which provides access to the full-service package for $4.99 per month. Up to 6 family members can subscribe to the Premium Family plan, which will cost $7.99 USD per month.

The new Premium DUO plan ($6.49) offers “Mix for Two” in addition to the standard Premium account features – an automatically updated playlist for two people. The Premium for Students plan is available for $2.49 per month.

Spotify features

Ukrainian users have access to over 50 million tracks and 4 billion playlists with the music of Ukrainian and international artists, personal recommendations for new music, the ability to play music on different devices, and integration with Instagram, Facebook, Samsung, Android TV, Google Maps, etc.

Options for Ukrainian users

Spotify will offer the following set of features for Ukrainian users:

  • The service is available to everyone free of charge.
  • Playlists created especially for Ukrainian users: there are playlists of Top Hits Ukraine, New Music Friday Ukraine, інді (local popular indie music).
  • This Is, playlists of popular artists: This Is Jamala,  This Is ONUKA, This Is MONATIK, This Is Океан Ельзи, This Is The Hardkiss,  This Is 5’nizza, This Is alyona alyona, This Is Время и Стекло, This Is Бумбокс, This Is NK, and many others.
  • Personal music recommendations and discovery of new music: the recommendation system includes both foreign and Ukrainian artists. Users can discover new music through Spotify’s personalized products, such as Daily Mix, a playlist that combines your music with tracks you might like; Release Radar, a playlist with new releases of artists you subscribe to or listen to most often which updates on Fridays; Discover Weekly, a personal discovery playlist that is generated based on your taste.
  • Spotify for Artists: the service offers artists a special platform with a powerful suite of tools that allow them to track statistics on new releases in real time, explore their audience, develop their business, and communicate with fans.
  • Instagram integration: now Ukrainian Spotify users can share music tracks, albums, and playlists in Instagram Stories.