Rating Captain application raises funds from Czysta3.vc

According to the MamStartup media, Wroclaw-based company Rating Captain has attracted funds from Czysta3.vc, a Polish investment firm focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. The details of the deal are not disclosed. 

Rating Captain-1
Rating Captain team

Rating Captain develops an application that helps companies to manage opinion of customers online with Machine Learning and big data algorithms. Created in 2019 by Mateusz Piwnicki and Karol Bocheński, it allows to predict consumer behaviour and analyse their reactions to offered products and services at the pre-sale stage.

“Customers who create opinions about companies, products, and services influence directly on the purchasing decisions of other consumers. Nowadays, recommendations are the Holy Grail of advertising,” claims Bocheński.

Rating Captain is a subscription-based service with a free one month trial. Then there are two monthly plans to choose from – for $49 or $165. The application integrates with the tools that customers use on a daily basis, such as Google, Facebook, Opineo and other opinion-forming services. It already has over 50 clients including Emako, World of Shipments, Mr. Pablo, and IdeaShirt companies. 

The company is planning to invest the raised funds in carrying out the researches of collected data in cooperation with experts from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as scientists from the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wroclaw.