UK’s IWG opens a new Regus coworking space in Kyiv, with prices starting from $169 per month

A new Regus coworking space has been opened in Kyiv by IWG, the world’s largest operator of serviced offices. It is the network’s tenth location in Kyiv. The news has been reported to AIN.UA by the representatives of the company.

Picture: IWG

Coworking space parameters

  • The coworking space is located in the business center Avenue 53 on Peremohy Avenue.
  • The total area is 1,681 sq. m.
  • The capacity is 295 workstations.


The cost of renting a workstation starts from $169 per month, VAT not included, and depends on the size and type of the chosen premises, the duration of the contract, and other conditions.

Design and infrastructure

  • The location is an industrial-style space. 
  • There is a park inside the business center and a terraced garden on the rooftop.
  • The building is equipped with separate conditioning and ventilation systems for every premise, allowing the clients to manage their office climate individually.