Polish company Valo Industries attracts over $250k

Prometeia Innovation Fund has invested over $250,000 in Wrocław-based high tech company Valo Industries, reports MamStartup.

Valo Industries-1

Valo Industries develops the wireless power transfer technology for drone infrastructure, as well as automation solutions for commercial applications such as monitoring, inspection, GIS and logistics. Its product line includes wireless docking station with a magnetic coupling effect and adapter that enables the process of wireless charging of any drone battery.

Valo charging platform is able to charge a drone in 60 minutes and stay in operation 24/7 ensuring continuity and efficiency of work, says Karen Oganisian, CEO of the company.

Prometeia Innovation Fund is a Polish venture capital firm which is focused on investments in IoT, electrical and mechanical engineering, IT and telecommunications, energy and renewable energy sources projects.

Valo Industries has offices in Atlanta and Tokyo and offers its wireless charging platform and related services in Europe and North America. The company will invest attracted funds in providing further researches and technology development.