Blood diagnostic startup Sight Diagnostics attracts $71M

Sight Diagnostics has completed a $71 million Series D financing round led by Israeli investment group Clal Biotechnology Industries. As reported by CTech, the Anatomy Technology Fund of Clal Biotechnology Industries bought 4% of the company after its investment.

Sight Diagnostics is headquartered in Tel Aviv and has growing offices in London and New York. The company develops devices that run rapid blood analysis, based on machine-vision and AI technology. Sight’s first product Parasight was launched for identifying malaria in 2012. Using the same technology, the latest product of the company OLO provides the results of a complete blood count test in minutes by displaying it on-screen. 

In the COVID-19 era, the portable and easy-to-operate OLO device provides accurate and inexpensive blood analysis for the quarantined coronavirus patients who need constant testing.

“Our device is part of a strengthening trend during the coronavirus outbreak in which the world wants to conduct tests close to the patient. This is relevant for both coronavirus and other patients where institutions are looking to reduce exposure within the hospital,” said the CEO and co-founder of Sight Diagnostics Yossi Pollak.