Biotech startup UVera raises over $2.9M

As reported by MamStartup, Lodz-based company UVera has received more than $2.9 million from the European Innovation Council in the frames of “Green Deal” funding program with a total budget of over $360 million.

UVera co-founders: CMO Adam Kiciak, CEO Magdalena Jander and CTO Jacek Wierzchoś

UVera develops a natural skin UV protector against the whole spectrum of UV sun radiation as well as anti-pollution factors like Blue Light. The company’s sunscreen substance is produced by specific species of cyanobacteria. Compared to the existing and currently used UV filters, the UVera’s product is safe for people and the environment. It does not pollute the marine ecosystem and does not cause problems to people’s health, the company emphasizes. 

According to CEO and co-founder of UVera Magdalena Jander, the grant will be spent on creating a pilot bioproduction plant in which a natural substance will be produced. A part of received capital will be invested in the product’s certification and registration process.

Previously, UVera became a winner of EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2019 competition for startups in the medical and healthcare industry. This year the company is among the semi-finalists EIT Health Catapult start-up competition.