Polish HR tech startup Grow Uperion attracts over $260k

Warsaw-based company Grow Uperion has raised over $260,000 by selling 300,000 shares. Half of the proceeds were collected within the company’s crowdfunding campaign on the CrowdConnect.pl platform. As a result, 135 investors have joined the group of Grow Uperion shareholders, reports MamStartup media. 

Grow Uperion-1

Grow Uperion develops a gamification HR platform for increasing employees engagement and motivation, based on gamification techniques and elements of marketing automation. 

The company uses methodologies and mechanisms of psychology, anthropology and social engineering to promote achieving the KPIs by employees and their job evaluation. 

Grow Uperion is planning to invest over $175,000 in the further development of the platform software and implementation of the so-called motivation funnel, as well as in extending the sales channels on the European HR Tech and gamification markets, including Germany, France, Sweden, UK. 

According to the CEO of Grow Uperion Przemysław Śnioszek, the company is also aimed to debut on the NewConnect stock exchange in 2021.