Ukrainians launch speech to text converter that works with ENG, UA, and RU

Ukrainian entrepreneurs Marta Borovets and Oleksandr Kuzmychov have launched Odrey, a mobile application for iOS that converts voice recordings into text. It works with 30 different languages, including English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

How does the service work?

Odrey can work both as a voice message transcriber, and as a voice recorder. Meaning, you can record your voice message using the application, or play files to it, or simply upload files to the app from your device. The application can transcribe recorded speech from both audio and video files.

AIN.UA’s reporter has checked how the app works: it recognizes texts in Ukrainian and Russian quite accurately and quickly.

The text is transcribed into notes, and then it can be edited, saved, and posted to social media and messengers. In places where speakers take long pauses, the app will automatically break the text into paragraphs.

“The technology is the same as for Siri, Speech Recognition. Accordingly, the accuracy matches that of Siri,” Oleksandr points out.

Which languages does it support?

The app works with 30 languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, several varieties of English (Canadian, US American, British, Australian, New Zealand English), French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Hindi, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc.

How much is it?

The application has both a free and a paid version. In the free one, the recording length is limited to 15 minutes. The paid subscription costs $1.99 per month and has no recording length limit.