Ukrainian Awesomic raises round from European investors, having started fundraising in the midst of quarantine

The startup Awesomic has announced a round of investment obtained from European investors. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. According to the company’s CEO, Roman Sevastianov, it is a six-figure sum, comparable to average pre-seed rounds in the USA.

What is this team?

Awesomic is a platform that allows finding a designer and having the task completed within a short time. According to the developers, the user just has to register on the platform, set the task, and he or she will get the result in 24 hours.

The company’s CEO, Roman Sevastianov. Picture: Awesomic

“During the year of our operation, we have worked with such companies as PeopleAI, Restream, Very Good Security, as well as over 80 other names,” says the CEO.

Who gave the money?

The project was supported by several European investors, for example, Bas Godska, the founder of Acrobator VC; Mathias Eklof, the founder of Yell; Martin Hank, the co-founder of Pipedrive; Mikko Silventola, the chairman of Frontier VC; and Ragnar Sass, the co-founder of Pipedrive, Garage48 and the founder of Salto Network and Lift99.

How did they attract investment?

The team started fundraising in early April, during the peak of quarantine and lockdown measures across the world. “Definitely, not the best time for seeking investment,” the team recalls.

The team decided to self-isolate for the whole fundraising period and was working that way for 4 months.

The company will spend the attracted funds on the expansion in the EU and the US, as well as on new staff. Now, Awesomic looks for people to join its marketing and sales department.