Top 50 IT companies in Ukraine. SoftServe, Luxoft, and Ciklum show staff reductions

DOU has published an actual ranking of the largest tech companies in Ukraine by the number of employees. It showed a lot of anti-records: in the top five leaders, analysts recorded not a growth, but a staff reduction. In general, the research has shown a lot of companies with negative dynamics for the entire history of the ranking.

AIN.UA chose the most interesting data.

Top 50

Top 5: EPAM, SoftServe, GlobalLogic, Luxoft, and Ciklum.

There are four companies among the newcomers of the ranking: Playrix (22), Andersen (42), Murka Games (45), and Beetroot (50).

Parimatch Tech moved up from 35th to 26th position, Ubisoft – from 25th to 17th, and EVOPLAY entered the top 7 by shifting Infopulse.

From January till July 2020, the number of specialists in the top 50 increased by 1,299 (1.9%), which is the lowest figure in history. Before that, the top 50 grew by at least 6% every six months.

Growth dynamics of companies

For the first time in the history of the ranking, the “big five” have negative growth dynamics. The number of professionals decreased by 336 people. Only 26,601 professionals work in the five largest tech companies, which is almost 40% of the total top 50.

  • From January to July, the leader of the ranking, EPAM, had no changes in the number of professionals, it remained 8,300. Over the past two years, the company has been growing on average by 12% every six months – there was no positive dynamics only once, in January 2014.
  • SoftServe shows negative dynamics: the number of specialists decreased by 252. Such a situation is also atypical for the company – since 2011, SoftServe has only been growing.
  • Luxoft and Ciklum showed negative dynamics in the first half of the year – 152 and 225 professionals decreased respectively.
  • GlobalLogic is the only company out of the top 50 that shows positive dynamics at the end of the first half of the year. The number of professionals has increased by 293 people.

In general, only 23 companies of the ranking have positive dynamics in the first half of the year. Nine companies grew by more than 100 specialists for six months:

  • EVOPLAY — 438 professionals,
  • GlobalLogic — 293,
  • Genesis — 250,
  • Ubisoft — 242,
  • Parimatch Tech — 216,
  • EVO — 114,
  • NIX Solutions — 113,
  • DataArt — 100,
  • Ajax Systems — 100.

It should be noted that DOU collected data as of July 1 for the summer ranking. Now, most companies reported that they have resumed hiring and have gone through a crisis period.