List of Romanian startups that raise venture funding in the first half of 2020

Romanian startups-1
  1. SanoPass is a medical service provider, selling preventive medical packages to firms, has raised $471K. The financing round was mixed, with venture capital investors such as Cleverage Venture Capital and Founders Bridge, and equity crowdfunding SeedBlink. 
  2. TypingDNA provides typing biometrics authentication as a service, enabling companies to recognize people by the way they type. They have raised a $7 million Series A round led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund with participation from EU-based fund GapMinder, Techstars Ventures, and other prior investors.
  1. Milluu is the app that gets personal, relevant, and smart about the rent. Early Game Ventures and ROCA X, a local Venture Capital fund, invested an undisclosed amount in Milluu at the beginning of the year. 
  1. Docbook is a marketplace for booking medical appointments. They have raised an investment of $706K from the Next Capital Group for developing of Telemedicine solution. It will change the interaction between patient and physician, that especially important in the context of the COVID-19 global crisis.
  1. Ialoc is an online booking platform for restaurants, bars, cafes, and teas. They have raised a new round of financing in the total amount of $336K, of which $94K were attracted through the fundraising platform for SeedBlink startups. Alongside with equity crowdfunding investors, the round was led by the GapMinder VC investment fund and private investor Domeniu Bogdan.
  1. EcoTree is a company specializing in sustainable development whose purpose is to reward ecological awareness. They have received a funding of $253K for development and realization. The funding was led by Sparking Capital and Seed Blink with the participation of business angels. 
  1. yeParking is an app for park-sharing in Romania and an IT provider of solutions for the efficiency of parking spaces. They have received $58K from ROCA X, to speed up the company’s growth.
  1. Tokinomo is an innovative device that makes physical products interact with shoppers. They have raised an investment round of over $824K from EGV and a group of business angels, most of TechAngels.
  1. Code of Talent is a platform that helps participants turn knowing into doing through gamification, social learning, and facilitator feedback. They have raised $530K from ROCA X, which has led the financing round with $294K. The rest of the financing has raised through the equity crowdfunding platform Seedblink. 
  1. Mission Critical creates software robots for faster process automation in companies. MissionCritical robots work for local and international companies.  Neogen Capital, a venture capital fund, has invested $589K in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology developed by Mission Critical. The company is valued at over $5.8M after that round of funding.
  1.  Humans is a deep tech startup. The technology developed by Humans is based on the latest artificial intelligence developments. They have attracted $388K to develop an innovative technology capable of generating synthetic (AI-created) media. The largest investors in the company are Early Game Ventures and ROCA X.
  1. Machinations is a browser-based platform intended to design, balance, and simulate game systems. Machinations allows mapping any game system in an interactive diagram, set parameters that define the relationship between them, and visualize the way in which these systems work. They have raised $683K in a financing round lead by GapMinder (Revista Biz). 
  1. StockBinder is a developer of a SaaS platform. They create a more accessible eCommerce environment in which manufacturers, suppliers, and stores can easily work together without the time and money constraints that one-on-one integration implies.  StockBlinder has raised an investment of over $117K from four Romanian business angels.
  1. KFactory is a digital platform that applies IoT and machine learning in manufacturing, boosting performance on production. They have raised $253K funding for the development and the realization of the business plan in the coming years. The financing is led by Sparking Capital, as Lead Investor with the participation of equity crowdfunding platform SeedBlink and private angels.
  1. CODA Intelligence is a cloud-agnostic vulnerability management platform designed specifically for the SMB market. They have raised $942K in a new round from Early Game Ventures, ROCA X, and Marius Alexe, as an angel investor to expand the CODA Footprint product on the US market.
  1. Telios is a telemedicine scaleup, closed an investment round of $200K from three of the most important angel networks in Romania Transylvania Angels Network, Growceanu, and TechAngels Romania.
  2. Gumzzz creates a digital ecosystem where both patients and dental businesses can access the products and services needed. They have closed two rounds of financing of a total of $235K from angel investors Stelian Bogza, co-founder at BenefitOnline, and Cristian Petri, founder of Oral Design Lab & Clinic.
  3. Kinderpedia is a complete management solution that simplifies communication between teachers, students, and parents, by bringing them on the same platform. Kinderpedia has raised $471K in a new round led by SeedBlink, the largest regional equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to innovative start-ups, and ROCA X.
  4. Beez is a platform through which you save money from the online shopping you make anyway. Beez has raised a seed investment of $1.4M in a financing round led by GapMinder Venture Partners.
  5. is the first verified second-hand mobile marketplace in Romania. They have raised $294K in a new financing round 7 months after its launch. Venture capital fund Gapminder has led the financing round with participation from V7 Capital and several private investors.