Romanian startup Innoship raises $650K as seed investment

Bucharest-based Innoship, the developer of the Saas solution, has announced a Seed investment from GapMinder VC worth $650K. This comes just six months after the launch, driven by the effective rate of adoption of the solution on the market. Into account, GapMinder is a Venture Capital Fund, targeting IT Software and Services start-ups in Romania and Central Eastern Europe.


Founded in 2019 by Andrei Paul, Daniel Nicolae, Robert Tănase, and Dan Ungureanu, Innoship is the advanced multi-carrier shipping software, which allows retail and eCommerce businesses efficiently manage their own courier contracts and multiple delivery options. The company launched the Innoship solution for its first customers at the beginning of 2020 and currently manages around 20,000 daily orders.

The raised funds will be spent on accelerating the growth of Innoship adoption among retailers active on the Romanian market. They want to become the largest aggregator for fast delivery options internationally while speeding up the development of new functionalities for its platform. 

Daniel Nicolae, CEO and co-founder of Innoship, said:

“Consumer demand for multiple delivery options and better quality of shipping services poses huge challenges for retailers and eCommerce companies to manage the last-mile delivery efficiently. We created the Innoship platform as an advanced aggregator and orchestrator of multiple last-mile delivery options to help eCommerce businesses gain consumer confidence, increase conversions, and drive repeat buying by building loyalty. Most importantly, Innoship is fast and easy to adopt by retailers and eCommerce companies, being, one the one hand, integrated with all delivery companies and, on the other hand, with the most important eCommerce platforms, ERP, WMS, already used in existing processes.”