Intelligence agencies of Ukraine and England expose international hacker group

Cyber specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with the British law enforcement agencies, have blocked the activities of an international hacker group. The press service of the authority informs about it.

What was the group doing

The group had been operating since 2018. It specialized in the abduction of personal data of British, US, European, and CIS citizens for sale on the darknet.

The hackers were developing and selling viruses on specialized websites, through which they gained access to computers around the world, stole logins and passwords from websites, e-mails, as well as credit card data and electronic wallets of citizens.

The stolen information was used to create botnets, conduct DDoS attacks, steal personal information, and money from citizens.

A hacker from Ukraine

One of the group members turned out to be Ukrainian. Over 20 terabytes of information with databases from hacked computers, as well as source codes of the virus developed by him, were seized in his apartment. He was informed of his suspicion, and the investigation is ongoing.

Previously, British law enforcement arrested his accomplice, who is already serving a prison sentence for cybersecurity crimes.