Ukraine reduces the cost of visas fourfold and simplifies the procedure

From November 1, 2020, Ukrainian electronic visas (e-Visas) will be issued according to a new, modern, and convenient procedure, as reported by the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Besides, the cost of visas will be reduced.

What has happened

The government approved the relevant initiative on August 19. Having simplified the procedure for issuing visas, the Foreign Ministry plans to attract tourists and foreign investments to Ukraine.

“For many foreigners, an acquaintance with our country begins with obtaining a Ukrainian visa. This first impression should be positive. Foreigners should associate Ukraine with convenient and fast electronic services. In this way, we will not only relaunch the tourism industry, but also stimulate foreign investment in Ukraine, develop trade, strengthen contacts between people, and generally make the brand “Ukraine” more modern and attractive,” said Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

What will change

  • The applicant will be able to choose the preferred procedure for issuing an electronic visa: regular or expedited (with double tariff rate in case of an expedited one),
  • e-Visas will be issued much faster: expedited processing will take 1 working day, and the usual processing procedure will be 3 working days (so far, the processing time for visa applications has reached 9 days),
  • in addition to the existing single-entry e-visa, a new type of visa will appear: double-entry e-Visa;
  • the consular fees will be significantly reduced: the consular fee for a single-entry e-Visa will be $20 instead of $85, for a double-entry visa – $30.