Lithuanian startup Turing College receives $1.4 million initial investment

Turing College, a Lithuanian Edtech startup, has received $1.4 million from a very successful cybersecurity company Tesonet, an e-commerce startup Omnisend, a video gaming firm Unity Technologies LT, and Startup Wise Guys with participation from the EU Research and Innovation Fund.

Turing College-1

The company began in 2015 as a student community called the Turing Society. Over the years, it became more formal, and eventually, the Turing College was founded in 2020 by the CEO Lukas Kaminskis, CBDO Benas Šidlauskas, and CPO Tomas Moška. They believe that IT education and tech businesses must work on innovative ways to adapt to the rapidly growing demand for versatile data science and full-featured programming professionals. Together they are bringing the right knowledge in a different, smarter way.

The goal of Turing College is to become the leading education platform for top IT specialists in the Northern and Eastern European regions. The company is planning to spend the proceeds on a new study program of Data Science. It will be an intensive course that will take from 6 to 12 months to complete. In the end, they are guaranteeing employment with one of the leading tech companies. The team is planning to choose around 30 applicants for this course who will start their studies in October 2020.

Lukas Kaminskis, founder and CEO of Turing College, said that this isn’t just one more programming school for those who can afford to fund their studies.

 “This is a contemporary course of higher education designed for people who are determined and hard-working. These students will next year be taking up high-level jobs in some of the strongest tech firms in the region,” he says.