Esports Lab receives over $1M for the project development

As reported by MamStartup, Polish startup Esports Lab has raised more than $1 million in a seed funding round led by the early-stage VC fund Satus Starter.

Esports Lab provides a comprehensive esports performance analytic platform. Its system of players profiling, monitoring and coaching development is based on a lot of data sources: in-game behaviours, wearable devices, interface usage patterns, cognitive test performance, momentary ecological assessments, mental and physical health measurements. 

Within the framework of the new financing round the company pledged to continue developing its Esports Performance Model, an AI solution based on machine learning algorithms. It is aimed to identify the determining factors of esports performance, Esports Lab tells.

Previously, the startup has received over $2 million from the National Center for Research and Development. This time the investor Satus Starter is a Polish venture capital fund focused on seed and Series A investments in AI & Big Data, SaaS, AR & VR, IoT, FinTech, blockchain, cybersecurity, marketplace projects. 

EsportsLab will spend attracted capital to the further company’s development and improving the functionality of the software for players, as well as increasing the scale of marketing/promotional activities.