Austrian fintech startup Linx4 raises $1M

The Vienna-based company operating one-stop equipment financing marketplace has raised a $1 million investment round from business angels including Rolf Steffens, Peter Oser, Markus Buncsak, reports der brutkasten.

Linx4 co-founders: CEO Paul Bruckberger and CTO Michael Bruckberger

Linx4, which was founded in 2018 by father and son duo – CTO Michael Bruckberger and CEO Paul Bruckberger, provides a solution for usage-based and pay-per-use financing for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

By combining industry 4.0 data with financial technologies through the contract middleware, the Linx4 platform develops an Equipment-as-a-Service business model that helps its customers to increase their sales. 

The company has also announced the establishment of its investment fund, Equipment Finance Fund 1, for institutional investors. Linx4 is planning to spend attracted capital to the further development of the platform and the fund.