Israeli company Gong acquires Vayo

Three weeks after the revenue intelligence company for sales teams Gong has completed a $200 million round at a $2.2 billion valuation, the startup announced the acquisition of another Israeli company Vayo. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

Gong CEO Amit Bendov

Founded in 2018 by Avshi Avital and Yarin Benado, Vayo specializes in software that provides data analytics of customer interactions and identifies important, common themes that can help improve the performance of revenue teams and other organizations. With the acquisition, the whole Vayo team will join Gong.

Gong develops a conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales that ensures sales effectiveness and key deals to be cut. The company’s software, based on AI technology, captures each company’s interactions with customers automatically, records and transcribes each one to help companies to discover sales insights and identify behaviour patterns and trends.

“It was only natural that we look for ways to accelerate the product roadmap delivery and Vayo’s technology helps us do exactly that. Our customers can expect upcoming product launches to contain even more delightful surprises to help them manage their deal pipeline and increase win rates. Stay tuned, because we are just getting started,” the CEO of Gong Amit Bendov maintains.