OQUDA attracts $1M for entering the Indian market

Nur-Sultan-based educational market network platform OQUDA has attracted $1 million from business angel Marat Tolibaiev, writes Kapital.

Marat Tolibaiev and Beimbet Babiiev, CEO of OQUDA

OQUDA, which was launched in 2018 on the base of Astana Hub, develops a SaaS platform for selling educational programs through distributors, as well as automating customer support at the post-sale stage.

According to the CEO of the company Beimbet Babiiev, the platform is aimed to help educational recruiting agencies to optimize customer management processes, freeing up to 50-70% of their time towards increasing sales. 

Besides, the company offers full guidance in the process of establishing a new agency that will provide intermediary services concerning international studying for students.   

OQUDA will invest raised capital in the further development of the platform and entering the Indian market. India was chosen because of the high demand for using the services of educational agencies for entering the foreign higher educational institutions by high school students there, the company emphasizes.