Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex stops providing services to Ukrainians. They have 14 days to withdraw funds

In a letter dated September 11, one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bittrex, announced to its users that it is no longer able to provide services in some countries. Among them are Ukraine and Belarus. The users have 14 days to withdraw their funds.

Screenshot provided by Bittrex user

The letter was received from Bittrex Global, a division of Bittrex for working with users from outside the United States.

According to the message of the company, the shutdown is due to “regulatory reasons.” It is not specified exactly what kind of reasons.

What now?

Accounts of users from Ukraine, Belarus, and five other countries will be disabled in 14 days. Fiat deposits and withdrawals are no longer available for Ukrainians. The remaining assets can be exchanged for available for withdrawal cryptocurrencies and withdrawn from Bittrex.