Ukrainian dubbing may appear on Netflix

Ukrainian post-production studios became partners of Netflix. We can assume that the service will have a Ukrainian dubbing of movies and TV shows soon, reports Na chasi.

  • Netflix has a program of cooperation with studios around the world: they create subtitles and dubbing in different languages for the content. To participate in this program, a studio must meet Netflix’s requirements and to apply. Standards include product quality, health care, working conditions, etc.
  • The Ukrainian post-production studios have not been Netflix partners before. Now the list includes even two of them: Postmodern Postproduction and Tak Treba Production.
  • Tak Treba Production, in particular, dubbed movies and TV shows ordered by Ukrainian TV channels, movies for distribution like The Hunger Games. Postmodern Postproduction mainly provides a dubbing of movies for cinema. It worked on Deadpool 2, The First Player to Prepare, It.