Polish healthtech startup Wellbee raises over $250k

Wellbee has received over $250,000 from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder VC fund and more than $25,000 from a private co-investor additionally, reports MamStartup.

Wellbee develops a platform that facilitates access to online psychotherapy by supporting clients in the selection of therapists matched to their needs in terms of diagnosis. To use the service, clients firstly need to book an appointment with an assistant who then individually selects for the patient a therapist with appropriate expertise and therapeutic experience. 

The project was created by CEO Paweł Chrzan and CMO Grzegorz Skuza and was newly launched – on September 15.  “We want to help everyone individually who needs such assistance, and we believe that on the intended scale, our actions will lead to a significant global social change”, says Chrzan.

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder is a Polish venture capital fund that specializes in investing in early stage projects in the fields of Esports, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, AI and Marketplace. Besides the financial support, the fund will help Wellbee in operational and technological matters.