Profile: by Founders VC Fund

AIN.TECH conducted a series of interviews with the most active Nordics and Baltics VC funds. It is aimed to give the startups full information about the ecosystem of the region, as well as to make it easier for them to find the appropriate fund for further cooperation.

This time we prepared short article about byFounders VC fund.


byFounders is a $118m early-stage venture fund built on the foundation of more than 60 of the most accomplished founders from the Nordics and Baltics.

When the fund was launched?

In 2018 by Tommy Andersen & Eric Lagier

What is your investment focus?

Early-stage tech companies with Nordic or Baltic founders

What is the average investment amount?

N/A – depends on the stage – we invest from pre-seed to Series A

How many deals does the fund make per year?

About 10-12

Does the fund invest only in Finnish startups or in foreign projects too?

We invest in Nordic and Baltic founders based anywhere in the world

What does the fund offer except the investment?

We offer access to the aggregated knowledge and expertise of 60+ of the most accomplished entrepreneurs from our region who make up our byFounders Collective. We moreover bring founders and operator specialists from our portfolio together to share knowledge in exclusive communities of peers.