Profile: Voima Ventures — Finnish deep tech VC Fund

AIN.TECH conducted a series of interviews with the most active Finnish VC funds. It is aimed to give the startups full information about the ecosystem of the country, as well as to make it easier for them to find the appropriate fund for further cooperation.

This time we prepared short article about Voima Ventures VC fund.

Voima Ventures-1

When the fund was launched?

Spring 2019

What is your investment focus?

Science-based deep tech startups.

What is the average investment amount?

Our investments vary from pre-seed stage and technology spin-offs to us leading a series A (and even series B).

How many deals does the fund make per year?

The amount of deals is highly dependent on many factors and we don’t have a yearly average to share as we launched only in 2019.

Does the fund invest only in Finnish startups or in foreign projects too?

We invest in Nordic and Baltic deep tech startups. 

What does the fund offer except the investment?

We work closely with our portfolio teams and support them in various activities depending on the team’s skillset and needs.