Top 10 largest IT companies in Poland

According to the ITwiz Best100, an annual report on the Polish tech sector, there are over 17,000 companies and organisations with “activities related to software and consultancy in the field of computer science” in Poland. In 2019 the total IT market value was more than €10 billion, 94% out of which consisted of the revenues of 50 largest companies.

AIN.TECH selected the first 10 companies of the ITwiz ranking with the biggest sales revenues in 2019 to provide more details about Polish IT market leaders.

1. Comarch


Comarch is a global software house established in 1993 by Professor Janusz Filipiak and a group of four students as a university spin-off. The company specializes in ERP business management systems, information security, CRM and sales support systems, electronic communications, network infrastructure management, IoT solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence. 

It delivers IT products and services to leading Polish and global brands in the key sectors of the economy: finance, banking, insurance, trade, infrastructure, public administration, healthcare, and to the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Telecom, media, and IT industries traditionally remain the most profitable for Comarch.

In 1999 the company undertook its IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and since then the total value of its shares has raised to €340 million. In 2000 Comarch opened its first international subsidiaries in Germany and the USA. After 2010 it went global – new subsidiaries were established in Italy, Malaysia, Sweden, the USA, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. 

Headquarter: Kraków

Number of employees worldwide: 6,500

Offices: 91 offices operating in 34 countries of Europe, Asia and both Americas

Sales revenues: over €210M

Customers: Heathrow Airport, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Allianz, Goodyear, ING Insurance, Heineken, Danone, Auchan, Deutsche Bank PBC 

2. Asseco Poland

Asseco Poland-1

Asseco Poland was established in 1991 by Adam Góral, the current President of the Management Board, as an IT startup. Today it is a leading company in the international federation of companies Asseco Group, a producer and developer of software solutions for organisations from the main industries of the economy including banking, insurance, telecom, energy, healthcare, public administration, agriculture. 

In 2004 Asseco Poland debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It helped the company to raise capital for further development and expansion abroad. Since then Asseco has expanded its presence to more than 55 countries and made over 80 acquisitions. In 2019, the sales revenues exceeded over €2.5 billion, 89% out of which was generated in foreign markets.

Asseco Group companies are also listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, as well as on the American NASDAQ Global Markets. In July 2020 the market capitalization of all subsidiaries amounted to €5.1 billion including €1.3 billion of Asseco Poland. 

Headquarter: Rzeszów

Number of employees worldwide: 27,000

Offices: Asseco Group operates in most of the European countries as well as in Israel, the USA, Japan, and Canada.

Sales revenues: over €179M

Customers: 2N telekomunikace, Corner, DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH, DOMA – R, Fragokov company, the Ministry of Justice are among others 

3. Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions-1

Integrated Solutions is a specialized ICT integrator and a part of the biggest telecom company in Central and Eastern Europe – Orange Polska Capital Group. It offers solutions in the areas of automation / AI, cloud, Data Analytics, software development, networking & communication, IT Infrastructure, cybersecurity, as well as conducts professional training, audits, implementation services, and technical support services. 

Integrated Solutions is a partner of the world’s largest IT companies including EMC, VMware, HP, CISCO, NetApp, Google, Microsoft. Its Integrated Computing solution, based on the latest VMware technology, that allows easy managing the cloud environment, is already used by more than 100 Polish companies.

In May 2020, Integrated Solutions and Orange Polska won a tender for a developing comprehensive ICT solution announced by the Central Management Board of Prison Service in an amount of over €17.6 million.  

Established: 2011

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees: 300

Offices: The company has offices in Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław

Sales revenues: over €139M 

Portfolio: Integrated Computing platform, POLAIR, air quality testing system

4. APN Promise

APN Promise-1

Since 1991 APN Promise has been providing IT solutions that support the digital development of companies from financing, telecommunications, media, energy, production, trade, and healthcare industries, as well as public administration and educational organisations.

Its core business is centred around several areas: multi-year licence agreements and optimization of software use in companies, design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, monitoring and optimization of IP networks, development of application and business portals. 

Additionally, APN Promise provides training, outsourcing services, technical support, and auditing for its clients. It is a certified distributor of leading technology suppliers such as Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, Veeam, Webcon. 

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees worldwide: more than 200

Offices: The company has offices in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius.

Sales revenues: over €128M 

Customers: 2200 including Getin Bank, Aegon, Cyfrowy Polsat.Grupa Lotos, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among others

5. NTT System

NTT System-1

Established in Singapore in 1989, NTT System is a producer of desktop computers, notebooks, and terminal adapters which are marketed under its own brand and under different private labels. 

The company also distributes the Realme, Vivo, Oppo, DOOGEE smartphones, accessories for eSports under the HIRO brand, components, and peripheral devices in wholesale and retail trade. It cooperates with Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Intel, Microsoft, SONY, Asus, Samsung Electronics, LG, Siemens and others as with suppliers of components. 

NTT System sells its products domestically through six branch offices, as well as exports them to the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania, among others.

Headquarter: Zakręt

Number of employees: over 120

Offices: NTT System is developing business activities abroad, mainly in the European Union, but also in Dubai, Singapore and Central Asia countries.

Sales revenues: over €120M

Customers: Comarch, Sygnity and a majority of retail chains such as Media Markt, EURO RTV AGD, Media Expert, Komputronik, NEONET, X-KOM, Carrefour, Auchan

6. Wilk Elektronik

Wilk Elektronik-1

Wilk Elektronik company is a Polish manufacturer of memory and storage products. Founded in 1991 as a RAM distributor, it grew rapidly, and at the end of 1990s, 70% of the memory modules sold in Poland came from Wilk Elektronik.

In 2003 the company started to produce RAM modules, memory cards and USB flash drives under the GOODRAM brand. After Wilk Elektronik became a strategic partner of the Toshiba brand in Europe, it started to use components and technology of Japanese company in its products. 

Since 2010, Wilk Elektronik products with the GOODRAM logo have become available to customers all over the world – in Europe, Russia, as well as Asia and Africa. Currently, the share of export sales exceeds 70% of the company’s total turnover.

Headquarter: Łaziska Górne

Number of employees: over 170

Sales revenues in 2019: over €97M

Portfolio: Memory modules, SSD, USB

7. Exatel


Exatel is Polish state-owned telecommunication and cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive telecommunication services, as well as control over cyberspace to operators, business entities and public sector institutions.

Besides the construction of the company’s own network infrastructure, transmitters and software, Exatel is working on building satellite communication as an addition to 20,000 km fibre optics connectivity. The company is aimed to launch the country’s first home grown satellite in three years.

Established: 1993

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees: more than 400 

Sales revenues: over €82M

Portfolio: National Registry System infrastructure for the Ministry of the Interior, Anti-DDoS service for regional TV network are among other projects

8. CD Projekt RED

CD Project RED-1

Founded in 2002 by Michał Kiciński and Marcin Iwiński, CD Project RED specializes in the development of interactive entertainment and worldwide digital distribution of video games. 

In 2003 CD Project RED started to work on The Witcher game and with the budget of €4.5 million that was the most expensive Polish videogame ever created. After The Witcher was released in October 2007, 35 thousand copies were sold on the domestic market within three days of release. Thanks to this bestselling RPG brand CD Project RED received worldwide recognition.

In 2012 the studio began to work on its second franchise – Cyberpunk 2077. Its release is set forNovember 19, 2020. Also this year CD Project RED has become Europe’s most valuable game company with a market capitalization of €7 billion surpassing Ubisoft.

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees: over 800

Offices: CD Project RED has studios in Kraków and Wrocław, as well as a Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Seul and Shanghai offices tasked with coordinating sales and marketing activities throughout the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China, respectively.

Sales revenues: over €81M

Portfolio: The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077 and others

9. Comp


Comp is a technological company, which was established in 1990, specializing in IT security, network security and retail solutions. It also offers IT consulting, creating conceptual solutions, project advice, integration of different system platforms, training and service. 

Under the Novitus and Elzab brands Comp offers fiscal equipment including cash registers, fiscal printers and solutions supporting the retail sector.

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees: over 1,000

Offices: Comp is operating in Poznań, Gdańsk, Lublin, Szczecin, Łódź and other Polish cities. 

Sales revenues: over €80M

Customers: Comp’s security products are used by government agencies and companies from finance, energy and industrial, IT & Telecom, services sectors including Bank Pekao, Raiffeisen Polbank, Grupa Orlen, Unilever, Toshiba, HP, Minisry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defense.

10. Transition Technologies

Transition Technologies-1

Founded in 1991, Transition Technologies Capital Group is a software house that consists of 9 companies. All of them develop IT solutions and products for the gas, energy, industry, healthcare, information management and outsourcing markets. 

In 2010 Transition Technologies was granted a status of Research and Development Center by Polish Ministry of Economy. The company has been conducting over 120 research projects on ICT solutions for industrial applications since then. 

Headquarter: Warsaw

Number of employees worldwide: more than 1,600

Offices: Transition Technologies Capital Group has 22 offices worldwide – in Poland, Palo Alto, London, Hochstadt, Kuala Lumpur, Pittsburgh, Paris, Taiwan and Kyiv

Sales revenues: over €70M

Portfolio: There are more than 50 copyrighted products. For example, GasLux, a system supporting business processes on the gas market, from marketing, through commercial and technical management, to settlement and invoicing of services rendered.