TA Ventures and ICLUB invest in two startups in Europe and the US

VC firm TA Ventures and private investors club ICLUB invested in Spanish digital health startup Impress. Participating in the €5M seed round also were Bynd VC, Sabadell VC, and several European VC angels.

TA Ventures and ICLUB also invested in a startup from the US, Queue. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

What is Impress

Impress is led by the Chief Orthodontist Dr. Kh. Kasem and serial entrepreneurs Dilara and Vladimir Lupenko.

Photos here and further provided by TA Venture

Impress is a chain of company-owned clinics specializing exclusively in invisible orthodontics – a treatment that consists of using a set of transparent aligners, personalized with AI-assisted 3D scanning for each patient, in order to trigger the gradual movement of the teeth to the desired position.

The methodology combines traditional treatment with the latest technology, individualized app-based digital monitoring 24/7 from anywhere, and a highly qualified medical team with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Impress focuses on the digitization of the treatment process and customer experience. This is achieved predominantly by optimizing costs and, as a result, democratizing invisible orthodontics. The Impress model also allows unparalleled patient mobility, allowing a patient to access any of the Impress clinics across Europe during the treatment process for specialized and truly professional care.

Within just one year, Impress has managed to scale and provide access to its orthodontic treatments in over 40 cities in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, and is now planning to introduce the model to other world regions. In the next 12 months, they plan to launch in the UK, France, and the DACH region.

TA Ventures was the first VC firm that supported Impress in their idea on the early stage. TA Ventures Partner Oleg Malenkov became an Impress board member.

“Impress is not just another cosmetics company, but a digital orthodontics platform that operates accordingly, combining high-quality treatment and top-notch customer experience,” Viktoriya Tigipko, TA Ventures Founding Partner, ICLUB President.

Impress will use the funding to consolidate the markets by expanding territories and building of new clinics in cities where it already has a presence. Furthermore, it will bet on the digitalization of other processes to optimize the time and cost of treatments.

What is Queue

Queue.gg enables real-time video feedback and collaboration. It is a platform that lets creative professionals manage their clients, get feedback on their work, and get paid faster.

Queue enables creatives in the passion economy to start and scale their business online in the easiest way possible. Using Queue, users can review and give real-time feedback on the video, audio, images, etc.

Thousands of video producers and e-sport coaches already use its product.

2 weeks after Y Combinator, it raised a $1 million pre-seed round from TA Ventures, venture capital firms, and angel investors in Silicon Valley. TA Ventures partner, Oleg Malenkov, found this startup even before it completed the Y Combinator program and participated in Summer 2020 Demo Day 1.

“Queue is a classic story from Silicon Valley. Two excellent technicians have made a product for themselves that has found its fans. Now it’s their job to turn it into a business, and we’re happy to become a part of this journey,” Oleg Malenkov says.

Oleg Malenkov, TA Ventures partner

The first thing Queue is going to focus on now is to hire talented engineers, marketers, and designers. The startup wants to make a platform that lets anyone in the passion economy start a business providing services online.