German startup Fastic raises €4.3M to internationalize the app

Berlin-based startup Fastic, a developer of intermittent fasting app, has raised €4.3 million in a Seed round. Investors include german entrepreneurs Rolf Schrömgens, co-founder and CEO of online hotel search platform Trivago, and Robin Behlau, co-founder and CEO of online broker Aroundhome, among others, writes EU-Startups.

Fastic is a health and fitness app that supports people in leading a healthy lifestyle and reaching their goal through intermittent fasting. Its users can track their progress, establish positive daily habits and be advised on nutrition. According to the co-founder Phil Wayman, Fastic is designed not only for people with a problem of being overweight but also for those who are aimed to create and keep «a balance between body, mind and soul.»


Fastic was launched in April 2019 and has already been downloaded more 6 million times. In December 2019, the startup entered the US market, which the company thinks is very promising according to the statistics – 1 in 3 Americans is heavily overweight. Since then the app has gathered 1.6 million US users.

“Americans spend more money on diets than it would take to fight world hunger. This is a problem we want to solve. With the help of our app, we provide a healthy balance between our body and our eating habits. This is particularly popular in the US. Therefore, we plan to focus on the American market, but we also want to grow in Europe and expand our team,” Wayman emphasized.