Polish company Passus receives $1M for the website blocker software development

According to the MamStartup media, Polish producer and integrator of specialist solutions in the field of security and APM/NPM Passus has received over $1 million from the EU funds.

Passus company is a part of Passus Group, which has Ministry of Defence, T-Mobile, National Bank of Poland, Orange, Bank PKO BP, PZU, Volkswagen Poland, and others among its clients and partners. 

Currently, the company is working on the solution that analyses and filters content on websites. As Tadeusz Dudek, the President of the Board, told, the system based on machine learning and AI mechanisms identifies and blocks pages with inappropriate content in real-time.

Passus solution will be especially useful in the context of parental control. According to the Centre for Public Opinion Research, children in Poland use the Internet an average of 18 hours a week and can be exposed to harmful, drastic and vulgar content. Additionally, the company’s service can be used on tracking the employees’ activity on the Internet including cyberslacking.

Passus is planning to spend the proceeds on the further researches and development of the software for dynamic classification of internet content. The commercialization of the project is planned for 2022.