Tallinn-based startup BotGuard raises $580K in funding

Estonian BotGuard, a cloud-driven platform for website security, has raised $580K in a Seed round. The round was led by Tera Ventures – a leading venture capital company with participation from international angel investors from Sweden, Israel, the USA, including Per Björklund, Stefan Lindeberg, and Håkan Saltin.

Founded in 2019 by CBO Nik Rozenberg and CTO Denis Prochko, BotGuard is aimed to revolutionize the field of cybersecurity. The startup has created a digital fingerprinting technology that selectively blocks bad bot requests in real-time. The BotGuard engine analyzes the behavior of site visitors, forms their “digital fingerprints” and stores the results in a database.

The startup wants to use the raised funds to transform the cybersecurity landscape and business culture by offering bot control and protection to all website owners, regardless of their budget. They want to make it at a price that any business can afford, and plans start at $1,20 per month. To date, team members work remotely from Israel, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Georgia, Croatia, Canada, the US, Russia, and Ukraine.