Polish autonomous e-commerce cloud startup edrone lands $5.3M

Krakow-based fintech edrone has raised $5.3 million. $2.5 million was received as a part of the Pre-A Series investment round carried out by the Hungarian VC fund PortfoLion. The rest of the sum is a grant from the National Center for Research and Development, writes MamStartup.  

edrone is the first eCRM designed for e-commerce. The startup provides marketing automation solutions based on customer intelligence algorithms that are aimed to help to understand customers behaviour and engage them with all-in-one e-commerce marketing cloud. 

The edrone solutions are targeted at large and medium-sized online stores. After processing data on user behaviour in such shops, edrone follows up customers by sending them personalized, automatic messages using AI scripts. Both European online stores and developing eStores, such as DUKA, Tous, x-Kom, Energa, Abra Meble, Wojas, Ryłko, Reporter Young, Wojas, are among its clients.

The capital obtained as part of the Pre-A series investment round will be allocated to the further development of the edrone technology in the EU and Latin America regions, as well as to the recruitment of over a hundred employees in the next year. The grant from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) will spend on the development of AI in the e-commerce sector.