Identity verification startup Authologic closes a $460k pre-seed round

Warsaw-based startup Authologic has secured over $460,000 in a pre-seed round from Polish-American investment fund SMOK Ventures and App’n’roll, a venture builder company, writes MamStartup. 

Authologic is a platform that aggregates various identity verification methods, including the use of banking data and scanning documents or recognizing faces with a selfie. The company was established in July 2020 on the initiative of the founders of Zencard, a company purchased in 2017 by PKO BP, Krzysztof Klimczak, Marek Rogoziński, and Jarosław Sygitowicz.

Currently, Authologic solutions are used by five customers including Vooom platform for car and other vehicle rentals and the startup that allows tenant verification. As Sygitowicz maintained, there are a lot of industries where the company’s identity verification services are applicable: car sharing, telecommunications, fintech and banking sectors, marketplaces, and apartment rental. 

Authologic will spend the raised investment for the further development of the company and acquiring new customers