Scroll scooters, in partnership with Bird, launches in Kyiv

In October, Scroll, an electric scooter rental service, was launched in Kyiv. You can already see and use scooters in the city center. Editors of AIN.UA tell details of the new project.

Photo: Nazar Hulyk for AIN.UA

According to Scroll, this service comes from Georgia. Besides Kyiv, it already operates in Tbilisi and Batumi. The partner of the company, indicated on the website, as well as on each scooter, is the American company Bird. It is unknown what are the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Photo: Nazar Hulyk for AIN.UA

At the same time, the Scroll scooters are the same as those of Bird. For a ride, you need to download and sign up in the Bird application (available for iOS and Android).

The editors of AIN.UA sent requests for comments to each of the companies, but at the time of publication of the piece, did not receive a response.

Several Kyiv residents told AIN.UA that the service is working, and they have already taken a ride around the city with its help. Scooters are completely new, with instructions, as well as an antiseptic.

At the time of writing the piece, the prices are as follows:

  • 10 UAH for unlocking
  • 4 UAH per minute

The service coverage area includes the central districts of Kyiv. It is still unknown how many scooters are operating.

The editors of AIN.UA have sent a request for more detailed information about the launch and plans to Scroll.

It is already the third service of scooters in Kyiv. Previously, the service from the Estonian company, Bolt, was launched in the city, and a little later – Kiwi. According to the regional manager of Bolt, Taras Potichny, to meet the demand of the city residents, 5,000 to 7,000 scooters are needed. All three companies mostly cover now only the central districts of the city.