Ukraine further simplifies rules for workers from Belarus (and 4 other countries)

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has further simplified the procedure for professionals moving to Ukraine to work from Belarus and a number of other countries. This is outlined in the ministerial order No. 933 dated October 9, 2020.

As explained to AIN.UA by the BRDO, previously, for example, if an IT specialist from Belarus moved to Ukraine to work in a local company, he or she had to have two documents to get employed:

  • work permit,
  • residence permit.

In real practice, to hire such a person, a notional IT company would contact the employment service and obtain a work permit for them. However, to get a residence permit, the specialist would have to return to Belarus with the work permit and then go back again.

Now this requirement has been canceled. Immediately after obtaining their work permit, such professionals can apply for a residence permit without going anywhere.

This regulation applies to the countries of the “near abroad” that have agreements with Ukraine on the abolition of type D visas. These are: Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, citizens of the USA or EU countries coming to Ukraine to work should still hold a type D visa in order to obtain a residence permit. Meaning, they must exit Ukraine, obtain a type D visa, then re-enter, and apply for a residence permit.