Early wildfire detection startup SmokeD secures over $1M

Polish company SmokeD has raised more than $1 million from KnowledgeHub fund, reports MamStartup.

SmokeD designs an early wildfire detection solution that consists of proprietary detector equipped with sensors and a microcomputer, AI-software, web and mobile app. The company’s technology allows discovering a fire from a distance of up to 15 km within 10 minutes of its start. Besides, the software automatically informs residents and the fire brigade about the existing danger, which allows them to react accordingly.


SmokeD product has been developed by Polish company Taxus IT that produces software solutions for the forestry and environmental protection industries. The wildfire early detection system was implemented in Poland first. As Taxus IT entered the US market under the name IT for Nature in 2016, it started to promote its SmokeD product there.

According to the CEO and founder of SmokeD Artur Matuszczak, the raised funds will allow the company to develop and refine the fire detection system, as well as focus on international expansion.

Investor KnowledgeHub is a Warsaw-based VC firm that supports startups at the initial stage of development. It is interested in investing in martech, fintech, medtech, and deeptech projects.