German developer of time recording software timeBro receives €500k

The Munich-based developer of the SaaS solution for the time recording automation timeBro has received €500,000 from primeCROWD investors including Heinz Raufer, a founder of, reports der brutkasten.

Founded by Arne Reimann, Niclas Preisner and Mislav Boras, timeBro provides an intelligent time recording software/activity tracker that automatically measures all computer activities, calendar appointments and absence times of its users.

timeBro displays the automatically tracked times in chronological order or as a list. In this way, users always can quickly and precisely remember how much time they have worked on which project – regardless of how far back it is. After that timeBro exports times and comments to their integrated project software or to MS Excel.

“What makes our tracking unique is privacy. All data is stored exclusively on the user’s device, and not in the cloud. This is how we ensure that nobody but the user can see what they have been working on and for how long. The boss, colleagues and even we cannot see the user’s data at timeBro. We are the only activity tracker that really complies with data protection regulations in large companies,” Arne Reimann emphasizes.

With the investment, the founders are planning to accelerate the growth of the last few months and expand the internationalization that has started. 

primeCROWD is Austria’s biggest network of startup investors focused on fintech, cleantech, heathtech, IT & Software, Big Data, and social impact projects. It was founded in December 2015. Over 1000 investors and 200 partners are currently participating in the network, including European incubators, accelerators and VCs.