How many days you need to work to afford iPhone 12 Pro

Picodi analysts compared the price of the iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) with an average salary in several dozen countries. They calculated how many days the residents of a particular country have to work to earn on the new flagship from Apple.

Ukraine is among the anti-leaders. Only Filipinos have to work more to afford the new iPhone. For more details, see the infographics below.

In Ukraine, iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) costs 39,999 UAH (approx. $1,409). According to the State Statistics Service, the average salary in Ukraine is 11,998 UAH (9,658 UAH after taxes deduction, which is about $340). Thus, the average Ukrainian needs to work 87 days to be able to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, if not spend money on food.

But there is also good news: compared to last year’s iPhone index, Ukraine’s index has improved by 9.7 days.

  • In Switzerland, the United States, and Australia, the high level of income allows people to make money on the new iPhone in 4.4, 6.1, and 6.6 days respectively.
  • The Philippines has the worst result out of all the countries where the price of the new iPhone 12 Pro is known: the average citizen should work 88.2 days to afford the new iPhone.
  • In Germany and Poland, the new gadget is equivalent to earnings for 9.7 and 28.3 working days.


  • The iPhone 2020 Index is calculated based on the official prices for the iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB), as indicated in Apple regional stores or at authorized retailers.
  • Average salary information is taken from the websites of national statistical departments or ministries and is relevant at the time of publication of iPhone prices in a particular country.
  • The amount of salary after taxes deduction is calculated with the help of local salary calculators. The monthly salary was divided by 21 – the average number of working days per month. In countries where statistical agencies use weekly rates, the amount of income was divided by 5.