List of French startups to follow in 2020

The Sifted team created the selection of French startups to watch in 2020. AIN.TECH publishes the list of startups according to it.

  1. BlaBlaCar

Founded: In 2006 by Francis Nappez, Frédéric Mazzella, Nicolas Brusson

Valuation: €1.60 billion

BlaBlaCar is the biggest world’s community of travelers and the leading long-distance carpooling platform, which unites drivers and passengers, with the simple goal of traveling profitably and conveniently. It is a trusted community of over 90 million drivers and passengers in 22 countries.

  1. Sigfox

Founded: In 2010 by Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet

Valuation: €545 million

Sigfox is the initiator of the 0G network and the world’s leading provider of IoT services. Its global network, available in 60 countries with 1 billion people, allows billions of devices to connect to the Internet directly while consuming as little energy as possible. Sigfox enables companies and NGO`s to move their business model to more digital services in key areas such as asset tracking and supply chain.

  1. Meero

Founded: In 2016 by Guillaume Lestrade and Thomas Rebaud

Valuation: €909 million

Meero is an AI company providing enhanced photography services. The company collaborates with over 58K photographers, providing them with the opportunities to create beautiful images for more than 31K brands worldwide. Offering them regular engagements, inspiring content, and monthly meetups, Meero unites them through the largest community of creatives around the world.

  1. Doctolib

Founded: In 2013 by Franck Tetzlaff, Ivan Schneider, Jessy Bernal, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Steve Abou Rjeily and Thomas Landais

Valuation: €1.00 billion

Doctolib is an online and mobile booking platform that helps to find a specialist doctor nearby and make an appointment. To date, the company is the leading e-health service in Europe. Doctolib is aimed to simplify the life of physicians and healthcare facilities and improve healthcare access for patients.

  1. Ynsect

Founded: In 2011 by Antoine Hubert, Jean-Gabriel Levon, Fabrice Berro, and Alexis Angot

Valuation: €500-€750 million

Ynsect is the world leader in the breeding of insects and their transformation into premium ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Ÿnsect offers an organic, long-term sustainable solution to accelerating the consumption of protein and plants. Ÿnsect uses pioneering proprietary technology protected by c.30 patents to produce Molitor mealworm in vertical farms. Ÿnsect is currently building its second production unit, the largest vertical farm in the world.

  1. PayFit

Founded: In 2015 by Firmin Zocchetto, Florian Fournier and Ghislain de Fontenay

Valuation: €280-€420 million

PayFit is an ultra-intuitive SaaS solution created to digitize all the complex aspects of payroll and human resources. The solution makes it possible to manage the hiring of an employee, payslips, social declarations (DSN, DPAE, etc.), paid leave, end of the contract, expense reports. 

  1. Alan

Founded: In 2016 by Charles Gorintin and Jean Charles Samuelian

Valuation: €800 million

Alan is the first digital health insurance platform in Europe that offers insurance services by focusing on a price-quality ratio health plan. The company revolutionizes health insurance by focusing on user experience with excellent price-quality ratio health plan.

  1. Spendesk

Founded: In 2016 by Rodolphe Ardant, Jordane Guily, and Guilhem Bellion

Valuation: €140-€210 million

Spendesk is a unique spend management service, which allows people to control spendings, cost approval, company cards, cost recovery, invoice management in their companies in real-time. The startup is aimed to help businesses everywhere spend smarter. The service has a monthly subscription fee.

  1. Agricool

Founded: In 2015 by Gonzague Gru and Guillaume Fourdinier

Valuation: €10-€150 million

Agricool grows local, tasty, and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables by recycling shipping containers into urban farms. In just 35 m2 the company can produce the same amount of food as 4000 m2 of traditional farmland.