Polish mental health startup Therapify secures €550k

Krakow-based startup Therapify has raised over €550,000 from investors including Maciej Noga from HRtech company Grupa Pracuj, writes MamStartup.

Therapify co-founders: CTO Jan Pluta, CEO Łukasz Pstrong, and COO Damian Markowski

Established in 2019 by CEO Łukasz Pstrong, COO Damian Markowski, and CTO Jan Pluta, Therapify develops a mental health platform dedicated to both patients and specialists. For patients, it makes it easier to select the appropriate type of therapy and book a visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist, and for specialists gives the access to a database where they can store data about therapies, manage their calendar or advertise services.

The appearance of the idea of Therapify was preceded by tragic events in co-founders’ lives – suicide of Pstrong’s closest friend and Markowski’s father in 2015. So the goal of making others aware of the serious consequences of not having psychological help on time and of the importance of mental hygiene united them three years later.

“We want to make tailored psychological aid easily available, because it may save someone’s life,” the CEO said in his interview with Business Insider. 

The startup will use the received fundings for the further development of the platform in Poland. The global plans of Therapify include its scaling to the UK market, which is much larger and much more developed, told Psrtong.