List of Polish startups to follow in 2020. Part I

The Sifted team created the selection of Polish startups to watch in 2020. AIN.TECH publishes the first part of 20.

  1. DocPlanner

Founded: In 2011 by Mariusz Gralewski, Lucjan Samulowski, Konrad Jarowski, Jacek Perkowski, Grzegorz Krysiak, and Luca Puccioni

Valuation: €320-€480M

DocPlanner is a healthcare booking platform, with millions of appointments booked each month. The company has operations in Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and has been focusing on rapid growth in Latin American markets over the last few years.

  1. Brainly

Founded: In 2009 by Michał Borkowski, Lukasz Haluch, and Tomasz Kraus

Valuation: €98-€147

With 150 million users in 35 countries, Krakow-based Brainly has already become one of the world’s biggest online education technology platforms, making a healthy stab at disrupting the $2.6 billion global education market with its distinctive crowdlearning model.

  1. Estimote

Founded: In 2012 by Jakub Krzych, Lukasz Kostka, and Steve Cheney

Valuation: €11-€16M

Estimote creates small, wireless sensors that use modern IoT radio technologies such as Bluetooth, Ultra Wideband, LTE/NB-IoT to compute precise indoor location and enable asset tracking applications. Its technology allows retailers to pinpoint the location of customers in stores and send targeted information to their phone.

  1. Huuuge Games

Founded: In 2014 by Anton Gauffin

Valuation: €182-€273M

Huuuge is a games developer and publisher focused on real-time free-to-play casual gaming. Its mission is to build the world’s largest platform connecting millions of players.

  1. Booksy

Founded: In 2013 by Stefan Batory and Konrad Howard

Valuation: €182-€273M

Booksy is a developer of a cloud-based booking platform designed to schedule appointments for beauty services. The company’s platform uses machine learning and AI technologies to determine each user’s buying pattern and offer them the best dates with their favourite stylists.

  1. Airly

Founded: In 2016 by Wiktor Warchałowski

Valuation: €0.8-€1.2M

Airly develops air quality monitoring and measuring tools. Based on data science technology and AI algorithms, the system consists of sensors, small devices that measure the concentration of solid particles in the atmosphere by laser method and convert this information into data, Airly API service, MyAirly online map and mobile apps to check the air quality information.

  1. Infermedica

Founded: In 2012 by Irving Loh, Piotr Orzechowski, Roberto Sicconi

Valuation: €13-€20M

Infermedica develops machine learning and AI-tools for preliminary medical diagnosis and patient triage. The company provides four different products: Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, Infermedica API, COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

  1. StethoMe

Founded: In 2015 by Honorata Hafke-Dys, Jędrzej Kocinski, Marcin Szajek, Paweł Elbanowski, Wojciech Radomski

Valuation: €7-€11

StethoMe focuses on healthcare and telemedicine. The company develops a tool that detects abnormal sounds in the respiratory system. Based on AI algorithms, the system provides automatic and remote lung and heart screening with the help of a wireless stethoscope and StethoMe application.

  1. Displate 

Founded: In 2013 by Jacek Świgost and Karol Banaszkiewicz

Valuation: €11-€16M

Displate is a global marketplace and manufacture specializing in creating Magnet-Mounted Metal Posters. The company partnered with brands such as Marvel, DC Comics, StarWars, and Blizard, to get one of a kind officially licensed designs.

  1. Packhelp

Founded: In 2015 by Arkadiusz Wasilonek, Konrad Kwiatkowski, Maciej Woźniczko, Maciej Zając, Patryk Kabaj, and Wojtek Sadowski

Valuation: €35-€53M

Packhelp is an online platform for creating and ordering custom-branded packaging in a web browser. It operates as a packaging manufacturer that gives customers the possibility to design their own boxes in an online web app.

  1. Callpage

Founded: In 2015 by Andriy Tkachiv, Ross Knap, and Sergey Butko

Valuation: €16-€25M

CallPage is an ICT SaaS company which increases sales leads by 75%, facilitating call conversations between companies and their website visitors. Its widget offers the website visitor a real-time callback in 28 seconds, while also analyzing behavioural data to optimize potential to make a sale. 


Founded: In 2013 by Szymon Niemczura

Valuation: €23M provides AI and IoT-based software and hardware to help customers in operational environments achieve improved business outcomes in the fields of asset and process tracking and the creation of location and contextual aware applications.

  1. iTaxi 

Founded: In 2012 by Stefan Batory

Valuation: €10-€15M

ITaxi is a free mobile application, allowing its users to order cabs. The company cooperates with local taxi federations and has a fleet of 10,000 vehicles in over 100 cities all over Poland.

  1. Busfor

Founded: In 2012 by Artem Altukhov and Ilya Ekushevskiy

Valuation: €15-€22M

Busfor streamlines the bus transportation industry by developing technological solutions that connect bus operators and carriers with online and offline customers. It provides passengers with a convenient way to search, compare and purchase tickets at the Busfor website, mobile app or through more than 600 partners.

  1. Creamfinance

Founded: In 2012 by Dāvis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis

Valuation: €84-€126M

Creamfinance is a consumer financial services provider that offers a customized approach to the personal loan process in a speedy and reliable manner. The company aims to become a one-click loans provider to consumers globally.

  1. Synerise

Founded: In 2013 by Jaroslaw Krolewski, Krzysztof Kochmański and Miłosz Baluś

Valuation: €24-€38M

Synerise is AI-driven growth operating system, an all-in-one platform for business providing in-depth knowledge about customers, real-time analytics and insights, as well as other solutions aimed to increase sales, prevent churn and boost customer loyalty.

  1. Silvair

Founded: In 2013 by Rafal Han and Szymon Slupik

Valuation: €60M

Silvair is a tool for commissioning Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in commercial spaces. It streamlines and accelerates the commissioning process while enabling flexible customization of all operational parameters.

  1. AirHelp

Founded: In 2013 by Greg Roodt, Henrik Zillmer, and Nicolas Michaelsen

Valuation: €44-€65M

AirHelp is an online legal service that helps air passengers get compensation from airlines when their flight gets cancelled, delayed, or overbooked. Passengers can access the service via its official Facebook page or its mobile app.

  1. Pure Biologics

Founded: In 2010 by Filip Jeleń

Valuation: €9-€14M

Pure Biologics provides in vitro selection technology from antibody libraries and aptamers. It is also one of the few European entities offering research of this type as part of contractual activities. The company also offers partners a wide range of research and analytical services.

  1. billon

Founded: In 2015 by Andrzej Horoszczak and Robert Kaluza

Valuation: €0.4-€0.5M

Billon Group is a fintech company that provides an enterprise DLT system for accounts and transactions and targets at bank accounts. The technology is optimized for regulated institutional use as a scalable private, permission DLT (outperforming cryptocurrency adaptations).