Wroclaw-based AR startup SEEMORE receives a $750k grant

SEEMORE has received a grant worth over $750,000 from The National Centre for Research and Development, MamStartup writes.

SEEMORE develops, designs and implements technological solutions based on futuristic visions in the field of augmented reality. One of them – AR HUD – is a Head-Up Display solution for motorcycle helmets, Using the innovative module, motorcyclists have access to all the information they need while driving, namely speed limits and navigation data, allowing them to maintain maximum concentration and constant focus on the road. 

According to SEEMORE, by displaying information directly on the helmet, the driver will gain as much as 1.5 seconds, which can be crucial in an emergency. AR HUD solution is aimed to reduce the number of dangerous road situations and accidents involving motorcyclists. 

The received fundings will help SEEMORE to provide further technology development and researches in cooperation with scientists from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology to improve safety on Polish and then other European and the US roads, CEO Grzegorz Palmer told. 

Besides, the startup is planning to raise more than $300,000 from the Beesfund.com investor community in the nearest future.