YouNick Mint invests over $400k in robotics and bioengineering projects

As reported by MamStartup, Polish VC fund YouNick Mint has invested more than $400,000 in tech companies MAB Robotics and NK Tech, established by students and graduates of Poznań and Lublin Universities of Technology, under the support of Academic Enterprise Incubators.

Poznań-based MAB Robotics is a developer of electronics and robotics. Its founders Łukasz Antczak, Jakub Bartoszek and Jakub Matyszczak began to work under the construction of walking robots as the students and launched the company in 2019. Currently, MAB Robotics offers motor controllers, specialized electronics and customized robotics. 

MAB Robotics-1

NK Tech company is also originated from the academic walls. The Professor of the Lublin University of Technology Tomasz Klepka created a silicone prosthetic socket, a solution that is aimed to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. In 2019, NK Tech was established, and he became the vice president of the company.

The funds received by MAB Robotics will be intended for the construction of a mechanical walking robot with communication and control systems. It is planned to use it for the control of underground infrastructure in cities. NK Tech will use the raised capital for the further development of silicone prosthetic sockets, equipped with a system that allows it to be better adapted to the amputated limb.