List of Italian startups to follow in 2020. Part I

The Sifted team in partnership with have created the list of Italian startups to watch in 2020. AIN.TECH publishes the first part of 20.

  1. Yolo

Founded: In 2017 by Simone Ranucci Brandimarte and Gianluca De Cobelli 

Valuation: €20-€30 million

Yolo is the leading Italian group of digital insurance services and intermediation. The company allows you to access and subscribe on an on-demand and pay-per-use basis to the products of the major Italian and international insurance groups. The products and services are based on the real needs of the customer and his profile, designed to adapt to his habits, personal and professional life.

  1. Freeda Media

Founded: In 2016 by Andrea Scotti Calderini and Gianluigi Casole

Valuation: €58-€87 million

Freeda Media is the hottest Italian startup media brand, publishing short videos, interviews, and articles on women Gen Z and Millennial. A unique version of Elle, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or Man Repeller, focused on social media, it managed to gain 2.7 million Instagram fans and 3.3 million Facebook fans. Freeda’s mission is to spread real women’s stories to inspire positive change.

  1. Brumbrum

Founded: In 2016 by Francesco Banfi

Valuation: €80-€120 million

Brumbrum is a car reseller that sells cars online and offers a practical and competitive shopping experience. The company uses a digital platform and innovative technologies, that allow the purchase and rental of certified cars entirely online. Brumbrum’s goal is to revolutionize the used car market by offering an innovative, simple, practical and competitively priced shopping experience. The selected cars are checked and tested by experts to ensure a safe purchase protected from scams.

  1. MatiPay

Founded: In 2018 by Matteo Pertosa

Valuation: €28-€42 million

MatiPay is the innovative mobile Payment and Telemetry system that offers a frictionless user experience providing an immediate connection between the vending machine and the smartphone app connected with a virtual wallet rechargeable via cash dispenser, Credit Card, or PayPal.

  1. Iconium 

Founded: In 2018 by Fabio Pezzotti, Luciano Serra and Mauro Del Rio

Valuation: €20-€30 million

Iconium is the first company in Italy dedicated to Blockchain Projects, Token Sales, ICOs and STOs. The company is backing the best Blockchain-based crypto projects worldwide. Iconium has an innovative project that allows its members and investors to have access to the best opportunities and projects and to the underlying cryptocurrency market.

  1. BOOM imagestudio

Founded: In 2018 by Federico Mattia Dolci, Giacomo Grattirola and Jacopo Benedetti

Valuation: €12-€18 million

BOOM is a photo-tech startup that provides on-demand photographic solutions at scale for clients in over 80 countries. The company has built an international team of outstanding talents from different cultures and backgrounds, who share our values and make it their mission to bring a positive impact to the world around them.

  1. Oval Money

Founded: In 2015 by Benedetta Arese Lucini, Claudio Bedino and Edoardo Benedetto

Valuation: €19-€29 million

Oval is a platform designed to tackle the global issue of financial literacy by empowering people to be wiser about their money. Oval helps users save quickly and effectively, by teaching them to monitor spending habits and by making savings automatic. The app also leverages a community experience to make saving more dynamic.

  1. Treedom

Founded: In 2010 by Federico Garcea and Tommaso Speroni

Valuation: €10-€15 million

Treedom is the only online platform in the world where you can have someone plant a tree for you and then follow it online. Every tree on Treedom is geo-localized and photographed and has its online page, it can be kept or virtually gifted to others. Thanks to these features, Treedom’s tree engages people and at the same time, it represents a great communication and marketing tool for companies.

  1. Everli (formerly Supermercato24)

Founded: In 2014 by Enrico Pandian

Valuation: €44-€66 million

Everli is an online delivery service transforming the way people buy groceries and home essentials. No more queuing, no more parking, no more carrying heavy bags: Everli’s is aimed to bring only the good part of grocery shopping, directly at home. To date, it is the main European e-grocery marketplace.

  1. XFarm

Founded: In 2017 by Matteo Vanotti

Valuation: €12-€18 million

XFarm is a SaaS platform is designed to facilitate the digitalization of farms, simplifying data collection, and analysis. The company is aimed to help farms, save time, and allow them to focus on what is really important: filling the plates of billions of people. xFarm produces concrete solutions in a unique platform, that is not disorganized and modular, capable of adapting to different scenarios. 

  1. Get My Car

Founded: In 2017 by Giuliano Rovelli

Valuation: €10-€15 million

GetMyCar offers a Peer2Peer Platform that allows individuals to share their cars but also offers a B2C functionality. The company is aimed to revolutionize the world of mobility by putting owners with a car that they are not using with individuals and groups looking for a car for short periods of time.

  1. Sweetguest

Founded: In 2016 by Edoardo Grattirola and Rocco Lomazzi

Valuation: €32-€48 million

Sweetguest is a full management service for short-term rentals aimed at those who want more from their holiday apartment, apart from stress. The company manages the whole process of short-rental, giving clients and their guests a high-quality service. They enhance our client to earn money and time.

  1. Movendo Technology

Founded: In 2016 by Carlo Sanfilippo, Jody Saglia, and Simone Ungaro

Valuation: €40-€60 million

Movendo Technology is a medical company that designs and produces innovative robotic technologies for rehabilitation. Movendo Technology uses the technical expertise developed in over a decade of research from the IIT and pairs it with Rehab Technologies’ focus on clinical application to create biomedical rehabilitation solutions covering assessment and intervention in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, and sport.

  1. Artemest

Founded: In 2015 by Ippolita Rostagno and Marco Credendino

Valuation: €16-€24 million

Artemest is the leading e-commerce platform selling Italian luxury design, home decor, and lifestyle. Artemest offers a unique shopping experience through curated editorial content and exceptional videos. The company is re-establish the authentic concept of luxury based on heritage, uncompromised quality, and craftsmanship. 

  1. Sfera Agricola

Founded: In 2016 by Luigi Galimberti

Valuation: €30-€45 million

Sfera Agricola is an agritech company that is aimed to build large, highly technological greenhouses for the production of vegetables grown with hydroponic methods.

  1. Enthera

Founded: In 2016 by Francesca D’Addio and Paolo Fiorina

Valuation: €16-€24 million

Enthera is a biotech startup which is aimed to find new therapeutic approaches to treat diabetes and related gastrointestinal complication (enteropathy), as well as other intestinal disorders sharing the same biological pathway. Enthera was founded by BiovelocITA in October 2016 in collaboration with the scientists: Prof. Paolo Fiorina and Dr. Francesca D’Addio.

  1. Glass to Power

Founded: In 2016 by Emilio Sassone Corsi

Valuation: €10-€15 million

Glass to Power is an innovative startup, founded with the aim of developing innovative technology for luminescent solar concentrators. The company produces transparent photovoltaic panels with an energy efficiency level of 5%, that could be invisibly integrated into the architecture of modern buildings.

  1. Tinaba

Founded: In 2015 by Sator Group

Valuation: €120-€180 million

Tinaba is a fintech startup that promotes a new idea of money: simpler because with an app people can access all its services, and safer, thanks to the partnership with Banca Profilo, the bank with the highest capital solidity indexes in Italy and Europe. The app is free to register. 

  1. ProntoPro

Founded: In 2015 by Marco Ogliengo and Silvia Wang

Valuation: €24-€36 million

ProntoPro is a marketplace that connects people in need with artisans and professional workers and small businesses. ProntoPro helps you find service professionals: anything from a wedding photographer to a plumber to a private detective.

  1. MainStreaming

Founded: In 2015 by Antonio G. Corrado and Philippe Tripodi

Valuation: €21-€32 million

MainStreaming, the technology provider enabling broadcasters, media, and gaming companies to deliver the best online streaming experience globally. With its innovative solution, they deliver live and on-demand video, integrating all operative phases for ingesting, encoding, management, and distribution.