List of Italian startups to follow in 2020. Part II

The Sifted team in partnership with have created the list of Italian startups to watch in 2020. AIN.TECH publishes the first part of 20.

  1. Milkman Deliveries

Founded: In 2015 by Francesco Bellomi, Antonio Perini and Tommaso Baù

Valuation: €26-€38 million

Milkman is a logistics platform that offers a same-day delivery service and a tracking system. Among their clients are internationally famous brands such as Amazon, Zara, Nespresso, IKEA & Eataly.

  1. 2Hire

Founded: In 2015 by Andrea Verdelocco, Filippo Agostino and Matteo Filippi

Valuation: €22-€34 million

2Hire offers mobility solutions, turning all types of vehicles into connected cars. Equipping vehicles with a 2Hire plug and play device, all actions of the car are performed remotely using a smartphone thanks to its software. Real-time data analysis improves fleet management and full utilization of available resources.

  1. Black Marketing Guru

Founded: In 2015 by Giacomo Arcaro

Valuation: €15-€22 million

Black Marketing Guru is a social media and digital marketing campaigns using unconventional techniques. The company designs tools, scripts, and algorithms that can exponentially increase social engagement as well as considerably decrease the budget invested in advertising.

  1. BizAway

Founded: In 2015 by Luca Carlucci and Flavio Del Bianco.

Valuation: €10-€15 million

BizAway is the ultimate platform to book, manage, and control business travel. The company offers an all-in-one tool, developed to simplify every aspect of business travel and cut all the unnecessary work for its clients.

  1. TeiaCare

Founded: In 2015 by Guido Magrin, Luca Iozzia and Roberto Salamina

Valuation: €4-€7 million

TeiaCare is an Italian digital health company.  The company was born with the aim of paying particular attention to the elderly, improving their quality of care and their well-being by putting innovative technologies and skills at the service of the social care sector. 

  1. Genenta Science

Founded: In 2014 by Pierluigi Paracchi, Bernhard Gentner and Luigi Naldini

Valuation: €53-€79 million

Genenta Science is a biotechnology company that develops gene transfer therapy for the treatment of cancer tumors.

  1. Credimi

Founded: In 2015 by Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula

Valuation: €40-€60 million

Credimi is developing a new product of digital lending targeted to SMEs and institutional investors. It serves customers in Italy and Europe. Credimi’s mission is to make invoice financing for SME, faster, simpler, and more transparent than any other available alternative.

  1. Talent Garden

Founded: In 2011 by Davide Dattoli and Gianfausto Ferrari

Valuation: €176-€264 million

Talent Garden is a co-working platform that allows digital, technology, and creative professionals to work, learn, and connect. Talent Garden’s mission is to create local, vibrant, globally-connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities. To date, they have 21 campuses in 7 countries. (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain).

  1. Tannico

Founded: In 2012 by Marco Magnocavallo

Valuation: €10-€15 million

Tannico is an e-commerce platform that provides wines and premium spirits in Italy. The company has an extensive catalog consisting of over 10,000 labels from 1,500 wineries and same-day delivery in Milan and within 48 hours throughout Italy and in the main European countries. In addition to the services that every day allow delivering goods to 50,000 customers throughout Italy and abroad, Tannico has created 3 other business units at the service of wineries and small producers, thus penetrating every area of the wine world, from B2C to B2B.

  1. Medical Microinstruments

Founded: In 2015 by Giuseppe Prisco, Hannah Teichmann and Massimiliano Simi

Valuation: €80-€120 million

MMI is a developer of novel robotic solutions for unmet medical needs. MMI is aimed to improve the quality of patient care by pushing the boundaries of microsurgery. The company developed Symani®, a groundbreaking technology that addresses unmet patient needs and helps to enhance surgeons’ skills during delicate, complex procedures. 

  1. Homepal

Founded: In 2014 by Andrea Lacalamita, Fabio Marraa, and Monica Regazzi

Valuation: €20 million

Homepal is the first Italian digital real estate agency, at a low cost for customers. Through the website owners and buyers can come into direct contact and independently organize visits to the properties for sale. And if there is a purchase interest, the experts of Homepal Real Estate – the real estate agency of – can provide the necessary support to finish the deal.


Founded: In 2014 by Guido Ferrarini and Andrea Crovetto

Valuation: €13-  million

Epic is the real economy marketplace specialized in financial solutions for SMEs: equity, bonds, direct lending. Epic’s fintech platform forms a bridge between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and a selected audience made of qualified professional investors. The platform enables the connection, discussion, and exchange of information, enhancing an ongoing dialogue. With Epic, companies can find an alternative source of funding for their growth projects, while investors gain access to a new asset class to enhance their portfolios’ yield.

  1. Italianway Spa

Founded: In 2014 by Davide Scarantino and Gianluca Bulgheroni

Valuation: €16-€24 million

Italianway is an innovative company of vacation rental: they manage apartments for short and medium-term rentals. The company offers its services to both property owners and business and leisure travelers.

  1. Roboze

Founded: In 2014 by Alessio Lorusso

Valuation: €120 million

Roboze develops, manufactures, and sells innovative 3D printing solutions. Using its patented technology, the company offers powerful tools comprising a one-of-a-kind combination of high-quality 3D printers and advanced thermoplastic polymers.

  1. Sclak

Founded: In 2014 by Mastalli Andrea Filippo

Valuation: €12-€18 million

SCLAK is a secure access control system that includes an electronic device and a smartphone app that allows you to integrate all your electronic locks into a simple and secure system. Sclak was designed to guarantee the highest levels of security. Equipped with military-grade SHA2 encryption protocol, it’s secure enough to be used on safes. 

  1. Satispay

Founded: In 2013 by Alberto Dalmasso, Dario Brignone and Samuele Pinta

Valuation: €115- million

Satispay is a smart payment platform that enables individuals and merchants to send and receive payments. A “bank account enabled” mobile payment platform that is independent of debit and credit card networks. The consumer app is available for anybody with a bank account, while merchants both online and offline can accept payments using any kind of device and POS.

  1. Buzzoole

Founded: In 2013 by Fabrizio Perrone

Valuation: €8-€12 million

Buzzoole is a marketing services company that automates, manages, and measures investments with influencers. Its end-to-end platform uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to simplify every stage of the creator marketing process. Buzzoole serves over 850 international brand partners and boasts the largest opt-in community of more than 260,000 creators from all over the world.

  1. Easy Rain

Founded: In 2013 by Giovanni Blandina

Valuation: €20-€30 million

Easy rain is the first active safety system able to counter aquaplaning. The company is aimed to improve the safety of any wheeled vehicle, thanks to an intelligent system of fluid jets capable of countering the phenomenon of aquaplaning.

  1. Travel Appeal

Founded: In 2013 by Mirko Lalli with the help of H-FARM, a start-up hub based in Venice, Italy

Valuation: €11-€16 million

Travel Appeal reads and processes millions of data to turn them into plain insights and smart suggestions for your business. The company is aimed to help businesses make sense of the data and create the best customer experiences. Also, they offer dedicated learning opportunities to enhance the knowledge of professionals and keep them up to date with the latest trends impacting the industry.

  1. Lanieri

Founded: In 2013 by Simone Maggi and Riccardo Schiavotto

Valuation: €12-€18 million

Lanieri is the first e-commerce to propose entirely Made in Italy, made-to-measure men’s clothing online, using only high-quality Italian fabrics such as Loro Piana, Reda, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Albini. Lanieri offers a range of products that includes suits, vests, pants, shirts, blazers, and accessories. Each product is highly customizable using an online configurator that guides the customer through every possible selectable detail. The customer comfortably receives the chosen product, realized according to his preferences, at his own house in just 4 weeks from the order.