List of Dutch startups to follow in 2020

Sifted created a selection of the most promising tech startups across Europe, based on the amount of capital they raised, their hiring tempo and how formative they have been to the startup ecosystems around them. AIN.TECH publishes the list of Dutch companies to watch in 2020.

  1. GitLab

Founded: In 2014 by Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Sytse Sijbrandij

Valuation: €2.5B

GitLab is an open core company, which develops an open-source, code-collaboration platform. It offers git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, wikis, and more, along with continuous integration and deployment tools, enabling users to create, review and deploy codes.

  1. Picnic

Founded: In 2015 by Frederik Nieuwenhuys, Joris Beckers, and Michiel Muller

Valuation: €800M

Picnic operates an online platform and an app created to provide grocery supermarket services at low prices. The startup targets middle-income shoppers and is the first to offer free delivery of groceries in the Netherlands.

  1. WeTransfer 

Founded: In 2009 by Bas Beerens, Rinke Visser, and Ronald Hans

Valuation: €140-€210M

Founded as a file-sharing service, WeTransfer has also developed additional tools for the creative community, such as the app for saving and sharing Collect, the immersive sketching tool Paper, and the collaborative presentation tool Paste.

  1. MessageBird

Founded: In 2011 by Adriaan Mol and Robert Vis

Valuation: €218-€327M

MessageBird is a developer of customer service software that is aimed to simplify the omnichannel customer communications. It already connects over 15,000 enterprises to their global customers through SMS, Voice and Chat APIs on channels like Live Chat, WhatsApp, Voice.

  1. Dott

Founded: In 2018 by Henri Moissinac and Maxim Romain

Valuation: €120-€180M

Dott is a micromobility startup that offers dockless, shared electrical scooters, and bikes as alternatives for short-distance travel. Currently, it operates in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy with plans to expand to the UK. 

  1. bunq

Founded: In 2012 by Ali Niknam

Valuation: €40-€60M

Bunq is a sustainable challenger bank that calls itself as the Bank of The Free because of its aim to give its users full control of their money. Providing typical banking services, the fintech, however, does not offer a credit line. Bunq is currently running in 30 European markets.